Summer Long Weekend

Another great long weekend just went by. Me and Samantha went to a cottage with some friends. The weather was unbelievably perfect, we couldn’t of asked for any better. We were 14 of us in the cottage! Good thing the cottage was huge, even though we were outside all weekend long.

We knew almost everyone there, but we’ve made some new friends, friends of friends, who tagged along. Steve from Sims Property Maintenance, who sealed our driveway two months ago was there! He’s a funny guy and I’m happy he took some time off. He is such a hard worker.

Tony brought his boat, so we did a lot of tubing, water skiing, some fishing in the morning while the girls were reading or tanning on the dock. For lunch, everyone brought some food and we had a potluck style lunch. We brought the desert…some donuts! Lets just say that everything was very good.View of Lake

Of course, we enjoyed the night by the fire pit with some marshmallows and sausages. Cottage life is not complete if you don’t have a fire at night!┬áThe neighbours were doing fireworks, so we got to watch them, which was cool. Some of our friends brought their dog with them. At the end of the day, they were sleeping like a baby.

When we got back home, I asked Samantha what was her favourite moment of the weekend and she said it was watching the sunset go down on the lake. It is true, it was beautiful, something we don’t get to look at every night. I’m happy we spent time together and enjoyed those little moments.

We are already looking forward to next year! Lets make more memories.

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