It’s Canada Day!

Today, July 1st, here in Canada, we celebrate Canada day! But did you know, its only been since 1983 that July 1st is officiallyCanada day know as Canada day. Being close to the capital, there is so many things to do around to celebrate! I decided to take a minute to write a small post on my blog before taking my girlfriend out this afternoon, and go watch the fireworks tonight. As you are starting to know me by now, you should know there will be some donuts include in this celebration! I’m taking Samantha to the Parliament Hill, we’re a lot of the action is taking place. There’s great artist performing like Alex Cuba, Indian City, Coleman Hell, and so much more. There’s a lot of activities for kids too, but me and Samantha don’t have any yet…maybe not too long after our marriage ;).

I know that Samantha’s favourite part of all is the fireworks, so I have searched for the best romantic spot there is to watch them. I can’t wait to take her there tonight and watch the amazing fireworks together. Some of our friends are joining us for the concert but I planned on have an alone time with Samantha later on tonight. We don’t have moment like this very often, so i want to enjoy them a 100%.

I’m sure you also took advantage of this day to celebrate with you friends and family.┬áLet me know how you have spent your Canada Day and what you did. I could use some of your ideas for next year! Cheers!

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