SpringI know, I know…. I can hear you all say that I haven’t posted anything in a little while. That is because I have been busy with my preparation for spring! The month of May can be very exciting because all the snow is finally gone, the flowers are growing and we can hear the birds again in the morning. What a great feeling after a long and cold winter! I’m sure a lot of you in Canada can relate to that! Down in Waco, its a different story, haha! I like the winter but after almost 5 months of cold weather and snow, its now time for some sunshine and heat!

Two weeks ago, me and Samantha got really excited. The weather was finally over 20 degrees Celsius almost every day. Our plan for the long weekend was to take care of our lawn, clean our yard of branch and debris from de winter , start our vegetable garden and do some landscaping. We quickly realize it was a lot more work than we expected! We had a asphalt driveway for two years now and I heard it is important to seal it once a year to protect from cracks, damage and add years to its life. It was one more expense to add to our spring projects but I felt it was important to do it. I had received a a postcard at my doorstep from Sims Property Maintenance and decided to call them. The next week they came to our place and sealed our driveway. I’m happy i decided to start sealing my asphalt early since I was speaking with the owner, Steve, and told me the importance of it. He was very professional and did an amazing job. Our driveway looks fresh and clean, but most importantly, protected.

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