I thought Easter Bunny liked chocolate

As you know, Easter was early this year! If you’re like me and found that March 27th was early for the Easter Bunny, do you remember in 2008 when it was on March 23rd? I think that’s the earliest it had been since I can remember! Being in Canada, I like when it is a little warmer for Easter to go to the sugar shack so I do prefer when its in April.

Me and Samantha really like Easter, not only for the chocolate but because we get to plan a Easter hunt for the little cousins. We¬†usually do the treasure hunt with Easter eggs but this year was a little bit different! We Chocolate donutdecided to use chocolate donuts instead of the Easter eggs. We thought it was a great idea and that the kids would love it! If we would have a Shipley Donut around here, we would of get their donuts for the hunt, but since there is none in Canada and we didn’t had time to make them, we bought them from another place, unfortunately. They were good, but far from being delicious like the Shipley’s. Me and Samantha wrote the hints on small pieces of paper and hided them with the donuts around the house.

We were receiving everybody for Easter dinner. At least we made a potluck witch helped a lot because we didn’t had all the time to prepare all the food. Before dinner, the kids were ready for the treasure hunt! We gave them the first hint and they had to find the next one. The first person to find it could have the donut. They were six hunting around the house, having fun! My little cousin Marc is the one who found the treasure at the end, witch was a big chocolate! They had lots of fun and everyone got to have a donut and shared. After all, who said Easter bunny only like milk chocolate …

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