Who said Shipley Do-nuts are a little plain?

Did you know Shipley Do-nuts have more than 60 varieties of donuts? You’d be surprised but their best-seller is actually the plain glazed! You guys already know my favourite, The Filled Do-Nut, but witch one is your favourite? I’d love to know! For me, nothing beats the warm apple and the cherry fillings within the covered glazed yeast do-nut. Shipley Donuts

Next time, I will try the sausage & Cheese Kolache! I won’t look at the nutritional sheet but I heard it as more than 10 grams of protein! I know what you might think…that I like my sweets but believe it or not, when I am not traveling I eat very clean. Samantha is a great cook, and we mostly eat raw foods. When we are on a trip though…I can’t say the same haha! I’m sure you understand…

Shipley’s really have a Do-nut for every occasion but they know how to keep it simple with three styles: First, is the yeast do-nut. This one is very light and airy with a stretchy texture. Get it glazed, iced or sprinkled and top them with cinnamon, coconut, sugar or nuts. Second, is the filled do-nut. Fill this one with warm apple, cherry or with the Bavarian cream. My favourite is the cherry filling. It has a stretchy texture as well and a burst of flavour on every bite.Third, is the cake do-nut. The texture of this one is more crumbly than stretchy. Have it plain and simple or with icing, sprinkled, glazed, coconuts or nuts. I still want to try so many different kind and who knows, maybe a new favourite is waiting for me to discover it!

As their slogan, Shipley’s definitely «Made my life Delicious».

So if you find Shipley Do-nuts a little plain, me and you can have a talk…just kidding! But seriously….

If you missed how i fell in love with Shipley Do-nuts you can found out here.

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