What we saw at Cameron Park Zoo


Cameron-Park-Zoo    (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

We heard from not only Eric and Melissa, but from many people that the Cameron Park Zoo is the best zoo in the state of Texas. On our last trip couple months ago, we decided it would be our activity of the day!

We decided to leave for 2 weeks and a half instead of one week and a half since we could take more days off from work. Samantha suggested we hire a housekeeper to come clean our place once when we were gone since after our last trips we would always come back to a dusty home and we were definitely not in the mood for cleaning. A maid from Orleans came and cleaned our place a day before we get back. I was nice to come back to a spotless house! We didn’t hesitate to call her back to clean our place once a month.

Back to my story…

Once in Waco, me, Samantha, Eric and Melissa got to the zoo early on the Saturday to beat the line-up. I was surprised at the great admission fee of only 10$, witch was a great start of the day! I have visited multiple zoo in my life like the Toronto Zoo, and if I remember it right, it was around 25$ to get in.

We started our journey at the Gibbon. We could hear them at the entrance performing their calls. It was the first time I hear one that well and watch them do their acrobatics. I remember after that we saw the eagles! I was excited to see one that close to me. Just a little further, we encountered giant tortoises! I didn’t even know big turtles like that existed! They are definitely a must see, since I can’t remember seeing those at another Zoo I went to before. They had a playground with picnic tables where we rested for a bit. We saw a small black bear from america witch Samantha really liked and took many pictures.

My favourite part was the next one: species from Africa! I loved the giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros and the lions! Melissa’s favourite animal was the owls and Eric’s the monkeys! We all got to see them and take a couple of pictures for a souvenir.

I remember reading on sign that the Cameron Park Zoo have around 300 species and more than 1,000+ animals! It is worth the see. We were very lucky, it was a beautiful day and most of the species were out. It is a fantastic zoo, the animals were well taken care of and we enjoyed the exhibits.

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