Our announcement to Eric and Melissa

Baylor Roll - Wako Roll RestaurantWhen we arrived at Eric and Melissa’s place in Waco in the afternoon the next day, after our visit in Indianapolis, we didn’t thought how we would announce our engagement to them. I told Samantha to not wear her ring just yet. All 4 of us really like sushis so we decided to go eat at Wako Roll, the favourite Asian restaurant of Eric and Melissa. The outside of it looked a little humble but don’t let it fool you because the food is amazing! We took different kinds of sushis, we tried the bibimbap witch is the spicy pork and we finished with their fantastic bulgogi!! They have many Korean options as well witch looked delicious. We wanted to                                                                eat everything!

(Photo credit: foodspotting.com)

Before going to the restaurant, my fiancé and I – I like calling Samantha my fiancé now – we took a moment to film ourselves announcing on camera that we are now engaged! So, in the middle of our meal, we told Eric and Melissa that we had something to share with them. I pulled out my phone and started playing the 2:38 min video. At the very end, Samantha pulled out her hand wearing the ring and they both looked at us ecstatic and feeling so excited for us! It was such a great moment to live with my fiancé and best friends, I had imagine that moment for quite a while now. We had to celebrate this big news so before going out for a glass of wine, we stopped at Shipley Do-nuts for a little desert. I remember, we all had the Cake Do-Nut that time!

It was by far the best trip we made to Waco! We had an amazing time. Since then, every year when we go to Waco one of us will bring it back up on how it was such a great day and ask if we came up with a official date for our wedding!


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