Our adventure in Indianapolis – She said yes!!!

Last year, on our way to Waco, Samantha and I decided to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum. Being race and Indy 500 fans and heard great and fun things about it and we both really wanted to go. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

When we got there, we were blown away by the collections of old Indy cars. I was so existed, what can you expect…a guy in a museum full of cars = Jack pot!! But, to my surprise, my girlfriend was into it as much as I was! I had to tell her to enjoy the present moment and stop taking so many pictures because she would have took one of every single cars lol! The museum showed the history year by year of the cars and races witch helped us understand it better. It was cool to see how it all changed through the years.

The tour bus was a great experience as well. We drove around the racetrack and the guide told us awesome stories about the place and the history. He was really passionate about it and got us really interested. The video of Indy 500 was really cool to watch. If we ever come back, we’ll make sure it’s when a real race is on!

What Samantha didn’t know is that I planned on proposing to her at the bricks. During the Kiss the Bricks tour, I couldn’t think about anything else other than reaching and feeling the little box in my pocket. When we got at The Brickyard, I was so nervous that my girlfriend kept asking me if I was feeling okay. Once everyone was on his way back I grabbed Samantha and told her how happy I am with her and living this experience together meant a lot for me. She looked at me a little surprised as I am not a guy who who usually express my feeling in that kind of way. After my little love speech, I got on one knee and asked her to marry me!

Needless to say, she said YES!!!! We both had tears in our eyes as we turn around the other 10-15 persons on the tour were clapping their hands and congratulating us!

I am the happiest man in the whole world! That day is definitely one of the best ones I have lived till this day!

We look forward to our weeding day in 2017!

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