How I fell in love with Shipley Do-Nuts

Here is how I found Shipley Do-Nuts for the first time and fell in love with their donuts! Three years ago, some of our good friends moved to Waco for job opportunities. Since then, we go visit them once a year and we really like the road trip to Texas. We are from Ottawa in Canada so it takes us about 26 hours to drive to Waco. We don’t mind the drive; we actually like it better to the one year that we took the 7 hours flight instead.

First, it was a lot cheaper to drive but it’s not the only reason. We enjoy the time and like to make the drive part of our vacation. There are different things I wouldn’t know exist if I would have always took the plane. We like to make different stops along the way every year. One year, we stopped in Detroit just in the midwestern state of Michigan. The Institute of Arts of Detroit was just amazing! The parking was super simple and we took the guided art tour for 5$/person. Great places like that that I would never knew existed without our road trip.

For us, it’s a lot less stress when we drive than when we took the plane. We don’t have to wake up super early or stress about oversleeping, our car isn’t going anywhere, lol! No rental car either, we can ride in the comfort of our own car.

Back to my first time at Shipley Do-Nuts, haha….

Did you guys know that the first recipe for Do-Nuts was created in 1936 by Lawrence Shipley? There is where the name Shipley Do-Nuts come from. Since then, 190 stores have opened! That is a lot…but not enough haha, I hope one day they make it up to Canada so I can enjoy then more often.

So back to our first trip to Waco three years ago…

We were almost at our destination when I felt hungry and was looking for a place to eat my mid-afternoon snack. Driving on highway 35 I saw a sign about the Shipley Do-Nuts and they looked delicious! Being a sugar more than sweet kinda guys, I told my girlfriend we were stopping at Shipley’s to check it out. I even remember the location since we stop there every year since ! It’s on Speight Avenue that I ate my first Filled Do-Nut from Shipley Do-nuts. Since then, I have tried their Yeast and Cake Do-Nut, but The Filled Do-Nut will always be my favorite of them all.

Once you go to Shipley’s, you will always go back when its time for a sugar treat. Everyone working at Shipley’s Do-Nuts is always super friendly and makes their customers feel welcomed.

This is how I found my first Shipley’s locations, during our first trip to Waco. In some of my next blogs, I will talk about my experience at other locations, but that day was a great time in my first trip to Texas. I’ll always remember the smell of Shipley Donuts…Yummm!!!

If you are in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, or Texas and have never eaten a donut at Shipley’s, please do me a favor, close your laptop, cell phone or tablet and go try one out!

You can thank me later…


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