As you know, Easter was early this year! If you’re like me and found that March 27th was early for the Easter Bunny, do you remember in 2008 when it was on March 23rd? I think that’s the earliest it had been since I can remember! Being in Canada, I like when it is a little warmer for Easter to go to the sugar shack so I do prefer when its in April.

Me and Samantha really like Easter, not only for the chocolate but because we get to plan a Easter hunt for the little cousins. We usually do the treasure hunt with Easter eggs but this year was a little bit different! We Chocolate donutdecided to use chocolate donuts instead of the Easter eggs. We thought it was a great idea and that the kids would love it! If we would have a Shipley Donut around here, we would of get their donuts for the hunt, but since there is none in Canada and we didn’t had time to make them, we bought them from another place, unfortunately. They were good, but far from being delicious like the Shipley’s. Me and Samantha wrote the hints on small pieces of paper and hided them with the donuts around the house.

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Did you know Shipley Do-nuts have more than 60 varieties of donuts? You’d be surprised but their best-seller is actually the plain glazed! You guys already know my favourite, The Filled Do-Nut, but witch one is your favourite? I’d love to know! For me, nothing beats the warm apple and the cherry fillings within the covered glazed yeast do-nut. Shipley Donuts

Next time, I will try the sausage & Cheese Kolache! I won’t look at the nutritional sheet but I heard it as more than 10 grams of protein! I know what you might think…that I like my sweets but believe it or not, when I am not traveling I eat very clean. Samantha is a great cook, and we mostly eat raw foods. When we are on a trip though…I can’t say the same haha! I’m sure you understand…

Shipley’s really have a Do-nut for every occasion but they know how to keep it simple with three styles: First, is the yeast do-nut. This one is very light and airy with a stretchy texture. Get it glazed, iced or sprinkled and top them with cinnamon, coconut, sugar or nuts. Second, is the filled do-nut. Fill this one with warm apple, cherry or with the Bavarian cream. My favourite is the cherry filling. It has a stretchy texture as well and a burst of flavour on every bite.Third, is the cake do-nut. The texture of this one is more crumbly than stretchy. Have it plain and simple or with icing, sprinkled, glazed, coconuts or nuts. I still want to try so many different kind and who knows, maybe a new favourite is waiting for me to discover it!

As their slogan, Shipley’s definitely «Made my life Delicious».

So if you find Shipley Do-nuts a little plain, me and you can have a talk…just kidding! But seriously….

If you missed how i fell in love with Shipley Do-nuts you can found out here.


Cameron-Park-Zoo    (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

We heard from not only Eric and Melissa, but from many people that the Cameron Park Zoo is the best zoo in the state of Texas. On our last trip couple months ago, we decided it would be our activity of the day!

We decided to leave for 2 weeks and a half instead of one week and a half since we could take more days off from work. Samantha suggested we hire a housekeeper to come clean our place once when we were gone since after our last trips we would always come back to a dusty home and we were definitely not in the mood for cleaning. A maid from Orleans came and cleaned our place a day before we get back. I was nice to come back to a spotless house! We didn’t hesitate to call her back to clean our place once a month.

Back to my story…

Once in Waco, me, Samantha, Eric and Melissa got to the zoo early on the Saturday to beat the line-up. I was surprised at the great admission fee of only 10$, witch was a great start of the day! I have visited multiple zoo in my life like the Toronto Zoo, and if I remember it right, it was around 25$ to get in.

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Baylor Roll - Wako Roll RestaurantWhen we arrived at Eric and Melissa’s place in Waco in the afternoon the next day, after our visit in Indianapolis, we didn’t thought how we would announce our engagement to them. I told Samantha to not wear her ring just yet. All 4 of us really like sushis so we decided to go eat at Wako Roll, the favourite Asian restaurant of Eric and Melissa. The outside of it looked a little humble but don’t let it fool you because the food is amazing! We took different kinds of sushis, we tried the bibimbap witch is the spicy pork and we finished with their fantastic bulgogi!! They have many Korean options as well witch looked delicious. We wanted to                                                                eat everything!

(Photo credit:

Before going to the restaurant, my fiancé and I – I like calling Samantha my fiancé now – we took a moment to film ourselves announcing on camera that we are now engaged! So, in the middle of our meal, we told Eric and Melissa that we had something to share with them. I pulled out my phone and started playing the 2:38 min video. At the very end, Samantha pulled out her hand wearing the ring and they both looked at us ecstatic and feeling so excited for us! It was such a great moment to live with my fiancé and best friends, I had imagine that moment for quite a while now. We had to celebrate this big news so before going out for a glass of wine, we stopped at Shipley Do-nuts for a little desert. I remember, we all had the Cake Do-Nut that time!

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Last year, on our way to Waco, Samantha and I decided to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum. Being race and Indy 500 fans and heard great and fun things about it and we both really wanted to go. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

When we got there, we were blown away by the collections of old Indy cars. I was so existed, what can you expect…a guy in a museum full of cars = Jack pot!! But, to my surprise, my girlfriend was into it as much as I was! I had to tell her to enjoy the present moment and stop taking so many pictures because she would have took one of every single cars lol! The museum showed the history year by year of the cars and races witch helped us understand it better. It was cool to see how it all changed through the years.

The tour bus was a great experience as well. We drove around the racetrack and the guide told us awesome stories about the place and the history. He was really passionate about it and got us really interested. The video of Indy 500 was really cool to watch. If we ever come back, we’ll make sure it’s when a real race is on!

What Samantha didn’t know is that I planned on proposing to her at the bricks. During the Kiss the Bricks tour, I couldn’t think about anything else other than reaching and feeling the little box in my pocket. When we got at The Brickyard, I was so nervous that my girlfriend kept asking me if I was feeling okay. Once everyone was on his way back I grabbed Samantha and told her how happy I am with her and living this experience together meant a lot for me. She looked at me a little surprised as I am not a guy who who usually express my feeling in that kind of way. After my little love speech, I got on one knee and asked her to marry me!

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Here is how I found Shipley Do-Nuts for the first time and fell in love with their donuts! Three years ago, some of our good friends moved to Waco for job opportunities. Since then, we go visit them once a year and we really like the road trip to Texas. We are from Ottawa in Canada so it takes us about 26 hours to drive to Waco. We don’t mind the drive; we actually like it better to the one year that we took the 7 hours flight instead.

First, it was a lot cheaper to drive but it’s not the only reason. We enjoy the time and like to make the drive part of our vacation. There are different things I wouldn’t know exist if I would have always took the plane. We like to make different stops along the way every year. One year, we stopped in Detroit just in the midwestern state of Michigan. The Institute of Arts of Detroit was just amazing! The parking was super simple and we took the guided art tour for 5$/person. Great places like that that I would never knew existed without our road trip.

For us, it’s a lot less stress when we drive than when we took the plane. We don’t have to wake up super early or stress about oversleeping, our car isn’t going anywhere, lol! No rental car either, we can ride in the comfort of our own car.

Back to my first time at Shipley Do-Nuts, haha….

Did you guys know that the first recipe for Do-Nuts was created in 1936 by Lawrence Shipley? There is where the name Shipley Do-Nuts come from. Since then, 190 stores have opened! That is a lot…but not enough haha, I hope one day they make it up to Canada so I can enjoy then more often.

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